Aims & Objectives

Our Microsoft Excel VBA Stage 1 course introduces the macro recorder and the VBA editing environment. You’l learn how to write simple procedures and modify recorded code.

The course is designed for people who need to create VBA procedures from scratch and those who have inherited more complex ones and need to understand how they work. 

To attend you should have a very sound knowledge of Excel and be a regular user.

What will I learn?


  • VBA or Macros?
  • What it can be used for

Getting Started

  • Developer tab
  • Filing
  • Macro Security

Using the Recorder

  • Naming Macros
  • Assigning Shortcuts
  • Absolute and Relative Recording
  • Where macros are stored
  • Personal Macro Workbook

Running Macros

  • Shortcut keys
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Worksheets buttons and shapes
  • Ribbons

The VB Editor

  • Overview of the VB Editor
  • Projects and the Project Explorer
  • Properties and Code Windows

Editing Code

  • Understanding the code structure
  • Simple edits
  • Calling procedures

Stepping and Debugging

  • Step Intro, Over, Out
  • Setting Breakpoints
  • Editing code while Stepping
  • Dealing with Runtime errors

Writing Macros & VBA Terminology

  • Procedures, Subroutines, Macros, Functions
  • Objects, Methods, Properties

Exploring Code with the Immediate Window & Variables and Constants

  • Dimensioning
  • Option Explicit
  • Data Types
  • Scope
  • Locals and Watch Windows

The If statements

  • Single line
  • Blocked If
  • Logical expressions

Adding simple Interactivity to Macros

  • Creating an Interactive Message Box
  • Creating a Custom Input Box

How We Deliver

We currently deliver all training online to comply with the Government's guidelines.

Online training works well for businesses whose staff are mainly working from home.

It allows us to train all of your staff with the same training needs at the same time. Your people simply log on from home, using details provided in advance by our team.

Choose from Watch and Learn sessions for larger groups or interactive hands on sessions for smaller groups.

When permitted we also offer face to face training at your offices.

All sessions can be customised to a half day or 90 minute sprint session and tailored to fit your needs, covering the topic(s) within a course that are most important to your business.

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