This course would benefit advanced users of Microsoft Access responsible for managing very large and variable amounts of data, or teams, who want to learn how to program features and functions to improve the accessibility and usability of their data.


On completion of this course, delegates will understand the fundamentals of VBA, including working with procedures and functions, understanding objects, using expressions, variables and intrinsic functions. They will have mastered how to control program execution, working with forms and controls, working with the PivotTable object. Finally the course also includes modules on debugging code, handling errors to ensure minimal downtime while building the program.


A high proficiency of Microsoft Access is essential, or completion of our Microsoft Access Advanced course.


Courses are delivered in 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

What will I learn?

Getting Started

  • Introduction to Access programming
  • Understanding the development environment

Developing with Procedures and Functions

  • Understanding and creating modules
  • Defining procedures
  • Creating a sub-procedure
  • Calling procedures
  • Utilising the immediate window to call procedures
  • Making and naming a function procedure
  • Working using the code editor

Understanding Objects

  • Understanding classes and objects
  • Navigating the Access object hierarchy
  • Understanding collections
  • Using the object browser
  • Working with the application object
  • Understanding the form object
  • Working with properties
  • Using the with statement
  • Working with methods
  • Understanding the DoCmd object
  • Working with events
  • Understanding the order of events

Utilising Intrinsic Functions, Variables and Expressions

  • Defining expressions and statements
  • How to declare variables
  • Determining data types
  • Programming with variable scope
  • Harnessing intrinsic functions
  • Defining constants and using intrinsic constants
  • Adding message boxes and using input boxes
  • How to declare and use object variables

Controlling Program Execution

  • Understanding control-of-flow structures
  • Working with boolean expressions
  • Using the if…end if decision structures
  • Using the select case…end select structure
  • Using the for…next structure
  • Using the for each…next structure
  • Using the do…loop structure
  • Guidelines for use of branching structures

Working with Recordsets

  • Declaring and creating object variables
  • Working with the ADODB recordset object
  • Specifying a recordset cursor type
  • Locking records for updating
  • Specifying a recordset cursor location – optional
  • Using the cache size property – optional
  • Understanding recordset cursor properties – optional

Debugging the Code

  • Defining errors
  • Working with debugging tools
  • Determining breakpoints
  • How to step through code
  • Working with break mode during run mode
  • Identifying the value of expressions

Handling Errors

  • Understanding error handling
  • Understanding VBA’s error trapping options
  • Trapping errors with the on error statement
  • Understanding the error object
  • Writing an error handling routine
  • Working with inline error handling

How we deliver

Training can be delivered in either of the following ways:

  • Online

    Online training is ideal if you have staff in different geographical locations who have the same Microsoft or Adobe training requirements.

    Our expert trainers can deliver Watch and Learn sessions to up to 100 people. Alternatively, they can produce an interactive session that allows delegates to complete practical exercises within the Microsoft or Adobe apps of your choosing.

  • Face to face

    Choose from one or half day training sessions or our popular 90-minute Sprint sessions, which can be delivered in your offices or at another location of your choice.

    All we need is a room with a table and chairs and we look after the rest. We can even provide laptops and a projector should you not have spare IT equipment to use.

Sprint learning

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Pick a topic, tell us what you want to achieve from your session, and we’ll put together a short, fun, entirely bespoke programme that meets the needs of your team.

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Developed by our team to cover the subject matter of your choice

Delivered online or face-to-face

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