Aims & Objectives

Our Coaching to Improve Performance course teaches the key skills and techniques involved in coaching colleagues.

You’ll learn how to act as a coach, developing people’s performance in their work roles and supporting them in their career development and personal growth. It is a highly interactive and practical course, with lots of opportunities for participating in discussions and exercises.

Please note this is the standard course outline. For in-house training, we can tailor the content to your organisation’s requirements.

What will I learn?

Counselling, Mentoring or Coaching?

Learn how to:

  • Differentiating between counselling, mentoring and coaching and identifying the boundaries.
  • Good practice in coaching.
  • Recognise the importance of self-awareness for effective coaching.
  • Build strong coaching relationships.

Coaching Models

Learn how to:

  • Different models of learning styles e.g. Kolb’s learning cycle, GROW model, NLP and other psycho-social models.
  • Recognise the importance of empathic listening.
  • Know how to phrase coaching questions and when to use these.
  • Personal beliefs and values, the source and effect on attitudes and behaviours.
  • Establish what directive and non-directive behaviours are, and identify when it is appropriate to use these.

Practical Session

Learn how to:

  • Practice techniques to gain experience in coaching others.
  • Learning outcomes from feedback and personal reflections.

How We Deliver

We currently deliver all training online to comply with the Government's guidelines.

Online training works well for businesses whose staff are mainly working from home.

It allows us to train all of your staff with the same training needs at the same time. Your people simply log on from home, using details provided in advance by our team.

Choose from Watch and Learn sessions for larger groups or interactive hands on sessions for smaller groups.

When permitted we also offer face to face training at your offices.

All sessions can be customised to a half day or 90 minute sprint session and tailored to fit your needs, covering the topic(s) within a course that are most important to your business.

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