Good questions, ‘funnelling’ and ‘pain-stacking’ are the hallmarks of a fantastic sales call. So why are they so rarely deployed effectively? Many salespeople believe the sale occurs whilst they are talking about so called benefits. In reality it is during the questioning, exploratory phase that a prospect is won or lost. This interactive, enjoyable and impactful one day course equips salespeople with the skills to use questions not just for fact-finding but also for building the prospect’s disaffection with their current reality and making ‘doing nothing’ seem increasingly the higher risk option.


Participants will learn to ask ‘the curiosity question’ formulated from the prospect’s responses rather than tired, pre-prepared ‘tick-box’ questions that the competition ask. It will also give them to tools to not only spot potential ‘pain’ areas in the prospect’s world but then to ask insightful ‘pain-stacking’ questions that build a strong motivation for action.

What will I learn?

How to Build Rapport and ease into the Questioning phase

Learn how to:

  • Making a good first impression
  • Building rapport with different personality types
  • Creating an opening benefit statement

The Different types of Questions and when they should be used

Learn how to:

  • Open Questions – for information gathering and building trust
  • Closed Questions – when to use and when NOT to
  • Why salespeople ask multiple questions and how to avoid

The lucrative Art of Question Funnelling

Learn how to:

  • How to begin a subject ‘funnel’ with broad open questions
  • How to formulate questions around in-the-moment content
  • Obtaining deep disclosures by skilful funnelling
  • How Funnelling builds trust and plants the seed of the sale

Listening Skills

Learn how to:

  • ‘Bracketing’ – how to shut off the noise in your own head
  • The perils of planning your next question while the prospect is speaking
  • What active listening is and what it isn’t

'Stacking the Pain' to attribute cost to inaction

Learn how to:

  • Why pain is your friend in a sales call
  • Fanning the prospect’s disaffection with the ‘now’
  • Identifying opportunities to stack pain
  • How to avoid killing trust by ‘Diving into Solution’ too early

How to Master the Art of Summarising

Learn how to:

  • The benefits of frequent summarising
  • Using summary to finesse your pain-stacking
  • How to use the prospect’s own language to great effect
  • Making the prospect salivate to hear your solution

How we deliver

Training can be delivered in either of the following ways:

  • Online

    Online training is ideal if you have staff in different geographical locations who have the same Microsoft or Adobe training requirements.

    Our expert trainers can deliver Watch and Learn sessions to up to 100 people. Alternatively, they can produce an interactive session that allows delegates to complete practical exercises within the Microsoft or Adobe apps of your choosing.

  • Face to face

    Choose from one or half day training sessions or our popular 90-minute Sprint sessions, which can be delivered in your offices or at another location of your choice.

    All we need is a room with a table and chairs and we look after the rest. We can even provide laptops and a projector should you not have spare IT equipment to use.

Sprint learning

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