Who are Swissport

Swissport is the world’s leading independent provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling based on revenue and the number of airports served.

Training Solutions

TrainingU has been providing Excel training at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels for staff across many of our departments since 2017.

Results & Feedback

The training has been excellent. Staff have found the learning to be invaluable and have given very positive feedback. It has improved their knowledge of Excel, saved them a great deal of time, answered the questions they had and many say they have picked up tips and tricks that they now use in everyday work.


“Having a trainer that is so knowledgeable and passionate about the topic makes all the difference. TrainingU’s trainer Dee has a calm and friendly manner that quickly puts people at ease so that they are comfortable and happy to ask questions. He takes the time to understand the needs of each attendee so that the course is delivered to the right level and pace for everyone.”

Isobel Logan, Regional Training Co-ordinator, Swissport

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