Adobe InDesign Beyond the Basics

Adobe InDesign Beyond the Basics

1 Day

This 1-day workshop is aimed at existing users of InDesign and is designed to help you get more out of the product and become more productive. Although there are topics listed below, the aim is to spend as much time as possible focussing on specific issues relating to your use of InDesign.


Introduction to InDesign (2-day course) or equivalent experience


Courses are delivered in CS5, CS6, CC.

What will I learn?
Adobe Bridge
  • - Adobe Bridge is a powerful, easy-to-use media manager. In this session we will examine how Bridge allows you to easily organize, browse, locate, and view creative assets, and how you can centralise access to project files, applications, and settings, as well as tag files with metadata and other labels for easy searching.
Work Area
  • - Control your workspaces and explore using and modifying keyboard shortcuts to help your editing sessions.
  • - In this session we will take a more in-depth look at the control you can exercise over text to help copyfitting and preventing orphans and other problems. Topics include: using and controlling baseline grids, tracking and kerning (inc. word kerning), hyphenation and justification, special characters and white spaces and using opentype fonts.
Style Sheets
  • - Beginning with an overview of styling, we will look at nesting character styles inside paragraphs, GREP styles, applying sequential styles to multiple paragraphs, dealing with overrides, styling objects and using Quick Apply.
  • - This session takes a look at drawing and modify existing shapes with the Pen tool, creating compound paths and shapes and creating paths from text outlines to produce creative effects.
  • - Following a brief review of image import and sizing, we will look at anchoring images into text and controlling their position and using text wrap.
Tip And Tricks
  • - As its name suggests, this final session will be a real mixture of topics, e.g. the eye dropper, scissors and gradient tools, using step and repeat, controlling guides & grids, drag and drop text, etc.
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