Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate

Duration: 1 Day
Costs: Open courses: From £245 + VAT
In-house: Price on application - request a quote >>
Aims: This course is aimed at regular users of Excel who are familiar with the basics and who need to broaden their knowledge of Excel.
Objectives: On completion of this course, attendees will be able to: create and apply formulas that include statistical, logical, lookup and date functions; apply formatting based on conditions; work across multiple sheets; write formulas to link sheets and workbooks; use a variety of tools to manage and extract data from lists; create a basic PivotTable to summarise data; create and modify charts.
Pre-requisites: Attendees should have attended our Excel Foundation course or have equivalent knowledge. Before attending this course, attendees must be confident with creating basic formulas (+-/*), use of AUTOSUM, copying formulas and an awareness of $ within formulas.

Course Outline

Introduction of Named Ranges

  • Recap Absolute cell references (the use of the $ sign in formulas)
  • Define Named Cell Ranges
  • Edit and Deleting Named Ranges
  • Use Named Ranges in Formulae

Further Formulae and Functions

  • Introduction to the IF function
  • Introduction to the VLOOKUP function
  • Calculate dates with NOW and TODAY functions

Work with Multiple Sheets and Workbooks

  • Group and ungrouping worksheets
  • Organise Windows
  • Link formulas across Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Edit links

Work with Data Lists

  • Multi Criteria Sort and Filter
  • Use Find and Replace
  • Work with the "format as a table" feature
  • Create automatic Subtotals

Introduction to Conditional Formatting

  • Cell Rules
  • Apply Top-Bottom Rules
  • Apply Data bars, Gradient fills, Icon sets

Introduction to PivotTables

  • Create a PivotTable from an Excel data list
  • Add/remove/reorganise data fields
  • View data in more detail
  • Change how values are summarised
  • Refresh data/change data source
  • Filter PivotTable with Slicers/Timelines
  • Create and modify a PivotChart


  • Create and modify charts such as Pie, Column & Line
  • Format charts to enhance their presentation
  • Print charts

Work with Sparklines

  • Create, format and delete Sparklines


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Open Course Dates

Dates Venue Offer Prices  
11 January 2018 St Albans   £245 Book
28 March 2018 St Albans   £245 Book
15 May 2018 St Albans   £245 Book
5 July 2018 St Albans   £245 Book
19 September 2018 St Albans  £195 £245 Book
13 November 2018 St Albans  £195 £245 Book

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