Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced

Duration: 1 Day
Costs: Open courses: From £245 + VAT
In-house: Price on application - request a quote >>
Aims: This course is designed for those delegates who wish to understand how to analyse and present their data more efficiently as well as automate common tasks.
Objectives: On completion of this course, attendees will be able to: create a variety of advanced statistical, logical and lookup functions; further analyse data with PivotTables; create multiple conditional formats; use data tools to 'clean up' data lists; apply data entry rules and restrictions; apply worksheet/workbook protection; record a basic macro (note: VBA programming is not covered on this course).
Pre-requisites: Before attending this course, attendees should have either participated in our Excel Intermediate course or have equivalent knowledge. Attendees of this Advanced course must already be confident with: writing formulas; the basics of IF, SUMIF, COUNTIF, LOOKUP functions; creating a basic PivotTable; the basics of the Conditional Formatting feature.

Course Outline

Multi-Criteria Statistical Functions


Logical Functions

  • Recap on Single IF Statement
  • Nested IF statements
  • Combine IF statements with AND, OR, NOT functions

Further VLOOKUP Function

  • Nest VLOOKUPs with IF function

Formula Auditing

  • Use worksheet auditing tools
  • Trace dependent and precedent cells
  • Check for errors

More on Conditional formatting

  • Manage multiple conditional formats
  • Logical expressions in Conditional Formatting

Use Data Tools to manipulate data

  • Split text to columns
  • Use Text Functions to change display of data
  • Remove duplicates

Further PivotTables

  • Manually group items
  • Automatically Group Date items
  • Create calculated fields
  • Create calculated items
  • Reference cells within a PivotTable
  • Set PivotTable options

PivotTable - Data Model

  • Create a PivotTable from multiple Excel tables

Data Validation

  • Types of validation
  • Setup rules for data entry
  • Highlight invalid data
  • Create drop down lists
  • Display help and error messages


  • Apply cell, worksheet, and workbook
  • Password protect a file

Introduction to the Macro Recorder

  • Macro security
  • Record a Macro
  • Assign a Macro to a button, shortcut key and to the Quick Access Bar
  • Note: This course does not cover VBA programming


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